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Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
Shawna Shea Foundation
Provincetown Cultural Council
Mass Cultural Council

The film is funded in part by the generous support of
The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
The Shawna Shea Memorial Foundation
this program is supported in part by a grant from The Provincetown Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

We are grateful to our Associate Producers:
Robert Anderson, TJ Armand, Wallace G. Tilford,
Elinor Sartwell LeClaire and Ed LeClaire.
And also our Assistant Producers:
Ellinor Preston BeVier, Don Collins and Kenneth Lockwood.


Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors Mezzeterranean


Far Land Provisions
Mezze, Mezzeterranian, Restaurant, food, sponsor
Special thanks to all of our anonymous donors
and to the following individuals for their support: 
John Dennis Anderson
Jane Barish
Johanna Bosco
John Braden
David Brown
Jadah Carroll
Angela Catania
Robert T. Chambers
Patricia D'Auria
Michael Givens
Susan Goldberg
Jarice Hanson
Geri Iannaconi
Sarah Ireland
Jude Kamilhor
Stephen Katsurinis
Kate Konigisor
Spencer Leuenberger
Zoe Lewis
Rick May
John McDonald
Shawn McNulty
Sheila MacNab Millar
Elise Morris
John Murphy
Michael Murphy
Debra Nadolney
Andrew Pang
Candace Perry
Theron Pettit
Jodi Philipps
Lynn Pina
Susan Preston
Janet Prolman
Sandra Proto
Gerit Quealy
Michele Ragusa
Christine Roberts
Suzanne Scallion
Teo Staeva
Jeff Tagen
Sallie Tighe
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